Lynn Koves

Work Experience & Testimonials

Marketing & Training


Specialist, Marketing & Training, Advanced Solutions Group  July 2017 – Present

Sr. Manager, Marketing & Training, Mobile & Connected Devices                               July 2015 – June 2017

o   Serve as subject matter expert on the emerging sides of the business to support global strategic growth initiatives related to Over-the-Top TV (OTT) and traditional TV

o   Responsible for the development of sales enablement materials and partner marketing collateral to effectively communicate company positioning and competitive edge in a crowded ecosystem

o   Develop and execute a wealth of external facing content to illustrate SpotX’s capabilities and thought leadership

o   Lead efforts to create and maintain training materials and e-learning courses to educate and empower internal teams on the mobile and OTT/TV side of the business

Notable Accomplishments

o   Go-to internal resource for industry trends and sales enablement materials for SpotX’s largest clients and strategic opportunities

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynn for more than four years. She’s been the embedded marketing and training lead on my team at SpotX and she has been an extraordinary asset when it comes to all things related to marketing, communications and training. She has an innate ability to utilize her knowledge of the ad tech and broadcast industries to break down complex subjects into digestible talking points and she’s keen to dive into subject matter research to back up content with data. Her efforts have led to huge growth in our area of the business and have positioned SpotX as the experts in our niche of the ad tech and broadcast industries.
— Kevin Schaum, SpotX (colleague and teammate)

Customer Success


Sr. Account Manager, Campaign Management, Managed Services                      January 2015 – June 2015

Account Manager, Campaign Management, Managed Services              September 2013 – December 2014

o   Provided digital agency and ad network clients superb customer service as the main point of contact for video campaigns running in the SpotX marketplace

o   Strategically planned and organized supply to fulfill on campaign requirements to meet and exceed client KPIs

o   Gathered and analyzed a wealth of data to increase campaign performance, and troubleshoot and resolve technical issues


Notable Accomplishments

o   Awarded White Glove Customer Service Award by SpotX leadership, July 2014

o   Managed 7+ million dollars in agency spend, including the 2014 political campaign and election cycle with an intense service level agreement, with positive client outcomes

o   Successfully managed 3 Account Coordinators to achieve goals and get promoted to Account Manager positions

Over the course of two years, no matter how many campaign requests we sent and no matter how complicated they were, Lynn handled all of them with speed and true professionalism. It is simply a pleasure working with Lynn.
— David Powers, Audience Partners (client)
Lynn was my first manager after I graduated from CU Boulder. Not only was Lynn a great team player and account leader, she was also a wonderful mentor throughout my time working at SpotX. Lynn greatly assisted in helping me get promoted with her drive to see me succeed and her willingness to teach me about all things related to SpotX and advertising. Lynn has an unparalleled dedication to her work, and motivation to get tasks accomplished and a warm, approachable nature that makes working with her a delight!
— Annie Nab, SpotX (direct report and teammate)
Lynn Koves is a professional that goes above and beyond the call of duty in her commitment to excellence. Lynn proved to be a godsend of a Senior Account Manager for Audience Partners, particularly during but certainly not limited to the rapid fire 2014 election season. When I think of professionals in the digital space who could be considered reliable, insightful, and cooperative, Lynn is at the very top of the list. Because of her outstanding work, Lynn’s name is held in very high esteem throughout Audience Partners’ Ad Ops team. She is a true professional and I could not give someone a higher recommendation.
— Timothy Reilly, Audience Partners (client)



Social Media Marketing & SEO


Owner & Connector                                                                                                  April 2014 – December 2018

o   Created the brand from scratch in 2014 to connect people in the Denver area with affordable and accessible yoga

o   Sent over 200 weekly email newsletters with a list of free & donation-based classes happening that week, plus other local events, resources, and a broad range of other yoga and meditation related content

o   Partnered with local brands, yoga studios, and yoga festivals to grow brands and drive partner results

o   Created additional resources and information services around Bilingual Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, community service opportunities, and a Google Maps tool to locate Denver area studios


Notable Accomplishments

o   Grew web traffic to 2500 visitors per month and 5,500+ email subscribers organically through word-of-mouth, SEO, and strategic partnerships

o   Drove hundreds of clicks each week to partner websites and events resulting in new students and incremental revenue for studios, teachers, and event organizers

o   Secured sponsorships from several local brands and yoga studios in the form of cash and product donations

o   Produced, coordinated & successfully marketed yoga events:

o   “Yoga + Plants”, an event series, drew over 100 attendees to Evolve Yoga Denver of which UY was the relied upon primary marketing arm for

o   International Day of Yoga drew over 100 attendees to City Park one June day in 2017

o   Pre-Wanderlust yoga class at Sloan’s Lake drew 32 participants

o   Partnered with nationally-recognized Wanderlust during their 2018 season – generating 18 ticket sales for their Denver event and $900+ in gross revenue for the client

I share your service with clients all the time. I work with individuals who have Brain Injuries and often don’t have income to pay for yoga classes. Your efforts made a difference in many of their lives in their recovery. Thanks again for all you do!
— - Employee, Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (subscriber)
Thanks Unlimited Yoga, I got into yoga and meditation and was myself able to connect other people to yoga through her website and articles. Unlimited Yoga was definitely a great project and idea that touched lots of people positively, including me.
— Jose (subscriber)
I’m sorry to see this end! This helped me so much when I was new to Denver and looking for yoga. I’ve made a lot of friends at these events and really appreciate what you have put together.
— Summer (subscriber)
You have created a network and a connection in the universe which is intangible but so fulfilling for the rest of us, so hoping to send you back that power of connection and know that you created it! Thank you again for all these wonderful resources it has inspired me to plan my week get out and know that I will meet new friends in the process.
— Vanessa (subscriber)
I am currently in a time of job transition, so UY has been an invaluable resource to me to continue my practice at affordable rates. It has introduced me to several new yoga studios, including RiNo Yoga Social, which has been a great outlet for me.
— Leah (subscriber)
Unlimited Yoga has been a great way for us to spread the word about Yoga for the People and help us find new students for our donation-based yoga classes, which are fundraisers for our mission. Lynn’s site is also a great conduit to let people see the work we do, which is to bring yoga to the people.
— Craig Pollitt, Board Member with Yoga for the People (yoga programming)
I started teaching yoga in March of 2017 and I am new to Denver. With the help of Unlimited Yoga my donation based classes at RiNo Yoga Social are consistently growing. There are some classes where 3 or 4 people are referred by Unlimited Yoga alone. Thanks Lynn for helping new teachers and making yoga more accessible to all!
— Tiffany Adams, Kindred Yogis (yoga programming)
Since moving to Denver three years ago, your service and correspondence has greatly impacted my life and yoga practice. I have told more people about it than I can count. I have extremely enjoyed practicing yoga on the rooftops of buildings, parks, the practice court of the Denver nuggets, near pools, in retail shops and various studios around Denver. It has been fun to take classes from different teachers with diverse styles.
— Kate (subscriber)
UY has been very useful and inspiring to me. It’s had an unmeasurable positive impact on my life. I look forward to hearing about your future endeavors.
— Jessica (subscriber)
I got the website from a counseling intern, and she was exceptionally enthusiastic about the opportunities you offer to low income people like me. I am on disability and deal with frequent pain. Due to a looonnggg bout of depression, I had not yet gone to a yoga class thru your referrals. I am looking forward to going, as opposed to just following my yoga book. You give me something to reach for.
— Deb (subscriber)
I teach donation yoga on Tuesdays at Twisted Sister Yoga in Park Hill and I have seen a handful of people that found us through you. THANK YOU! I love seeing fresh faces in my classes. Especially beginner yogis :)
— Addison Gumbert, Karma Kosha (yoga programming)
As teacher who is new to Denver via Chicago, working with Lynn at Unlimited Yoga has helped continuously drive new students to my classes. Just this week, 5 out of 11 new students heard about my Monday night Gentle Vinyasa/Restorative class at RiNo Yoga Social through the weekly Unlimited Yoga email. Not only has this given me the opportunity to meet new students, but it has also resulted in a significant increase in donations.
— Kelsey Bednar, Teacher at RiNo Yoga Social (yoga programming)


Social Media Manager, Solutions Team                                                                 January 2011 – August 2013

o   Leveraged insights to serve as the in-house expert and champion for emerging opportunities in digital media

o   Concepted, sold & managed social and mobile direct response campaigns to achieve client bottom line goals

o   Provided industry updates and thought leadership to teammates via “Lunch n’ Learn” seminars, POV (Point of view) documents and client-directed pitches

o   Managed and created custom content for the agency’s social media profiles


Notable Accomplishments

o   Managed a Facebook campaign for Chili’s Grill & Bar which resulted in more than $32,000 in net sales and an overall value of $505,000 at a cost of $175,000

o   Pitched and organized custom creative for a brand advocate campaign that improved Kajeet’s search engine results and CNET star rating from 2.5 to 3.5 stars

o   Built more than 400 links for a TracFone Wireless SEO campaign which contributed to the larger program being profitable in less than 90 days

Lynn has been an incredible asset to our team. She was brought on board to develop the mobile/social extension to our product offerings with little previous knowledge of digital advertising and has excelled in doing so. She has been an amazing knowledge source for all teams internally and has been an advocate for moving our company in a direction necessary to stay competitive in the marketplace. She is an extremely bright, out of the box thinker, and offers creative ideas on how to integrate with social/mobile offerings to meet campaign goals.
— Alicia Jabbar, IMM (colleague)
Lynn knows how to cut through the hyperbole in social media and figure out how she can turn followers into revenue. She’s done awesome things for Chili’s and other key clients by exploring social graph data and turning social into a CRM and business intelligence machine.
— Nik Friedman TeBockhorst, IMM (colleague)

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