Hi, I’m Lynn.


Welcome to my website. This is my online home to share my story and connect with people about ideas and work that is positively impacting Denver, Colorado, and the world.

Coming soon (Spring, 2019) - I will be launching a page with {positive} stories about companies, projects and products that make me excited about progress in the areas of zero waste living, plant-based eating, health equity in Colorado, criminal justice reform, and other maybe a few other topics that tug at my heart strings.

Career-wise, I am a marketer at heart. I enjoy using both my creative right brain and analytical left brain to solve problems and convey solutions. A few of my strengths include: writing and compiling thoughtful content, making the complex simple, and turning ideas and concepts into compelling pieces of work.

In my free time, I teach yin and vinyasa styles of yoga, and spend my weekends snowboarding Summit County and enjoying everything that Denver has to offer with my friends and partner, Matt.

Thanks for being here and coming along on this journey with me.

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